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Cardiac Emergencies Simulation Course

Aim of the Course

The course is aimed at medical SHOs and registrars who regularly undertake medical on call shifts. Cardiac emergencies can be some of the most daunting situations to deal with when on call. This course is designed to help make individuals more comfortable in these situations. Using state of the art simulation equipment we allow candidates to practice dealing with scenarios commonly seen in hospital.

Content of the Course

The course will cover a number of cardiac emergencies such as tachyarrhythmias, bradyarrhythmias and cardiac tamponade. There will also be dedicated sessions on ECG interpretation and the latest Resuscitation Council algorithms for peri-arrest arrhythmias. Every candidate will have the opportunity to take part in and lead scenarios. We utilise the most advanced simulation equipment in the region and trained simulation staff to make the scenarios as realistic as possible. Some photos from the pilot course are available in the gallery section of this website. Feedback from our pilot course was overwhelmingly positive and can be viewed at the bottom of this page. Please see the course flyer below for further details.

​​When and where is the next course?

The last course was held on Wednesday 13th April 2016 at the Centre for Simulation and Patient Safety based on the University Hospital Aintree Site. There are links below to a local map and site map for Aintree hospital (building no.28 on site map).

Course Fee & Registration

The next course is scheduled for early 2017. Further details regarding this and the registration process will be placed on this page in due course. If you would like to register provisional interest please fill out the form below.

Feedback comments from previous courses

"I have been to a few simulation courses but this was by far the best one"

"I found the post-scenario presentations helpful"

"Very well equipped simulation centre and competent, enthusiastic team- course has it all"

"Scenarios all helpful and relevant to cardiology and my job"

"I believe this experience would greatly improve my confidence in dealing with cardiology emergencies"

"The arrhythmias were particularly helpful"

"Excellent resources, realistic scenarios"

"Thank you very much it was great"

"As an SHO the arrests/arrhythmias were excellent to run, I enjoyed all of them"

"The feedback and talks after the scenarios were very helpful"

"All the scenarios clinically relevant"

"Very well organised, concise and relevant to day to day NHS clinical experience"

'very good cases"


"excellent, well run scenarios"

"All were very valid and useful learning aids"

"Clear and concise lectures"

“Excellent team”
“Good teaching”
“All scenarios are helpful”
“Great scenarios”
“Quick fire lectures after scenario were good”
“Pacing scenarios and DC cardioversion were very good”
“very good, useful, please carry on good work”
“very well organised”
“brilliant course many thanks”
“excellent session with good scenarios”
“very helpful”
“highly recommended”
“arrhythmias were helpful”
“Introduction of human skills and atual simulation scenarios were good”
“all were helpful”
“the course was so valuable I don’t think there was anything that needs improvement”
“clinical scenarios were excellent and well organised”
“so helpful as refresher in cardiac emergencies”
“thanks for this excellent course”
“all helpful as very little experience of these scenarios outside ALS renewal”
“found simulation very helpful and feedback very good”
“very good to go through emergency situations in a controlled environment and receive feedback”
“very good scenarios”
“good feedback structure”
“supportive environment”