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We are happy to issue a refund up until 4 weeks prior to the course in question. (This is the full amount minus a 5% admin charge). We regret we cannot normally offer a refund following cancellation within 4 weeks of the event date. For more details please email us (see contact page).


Aim of the Course

This course is specifically designed for those applying for a cardiology national training number via the ST3 specialty recruitment system. This can be a daunting and difficult experience with high competition for numbers within this specialty year on year. The course aims to prepare candidates for the interview component of the recruitment process.

Content of the Course

The course runs from 10.30 to 17.30. It begins with 2 lectures from invited speakers about the interview process with insight into how candidates are assessed and tips on how to succeed on the day. The speakers have a great deal of experience on cardiology ST3 interview panels and appointment committees. Following the initial lectures there are breakaway sessions in smaller groups with mock interviews. There will be a panel of interviewers including cardiology consultants and also cardiology registrar trainees who have recently been through the recruitment process and will hope to provide valuable advice for new candidates. We are fortunate enough to have some really experienced and excellent speakers at the event. The mock interviews will match the structure of the real ST3 interviews. Please click on the hyperlink below for more information. Candidates should try to bring their portfolio on the day as it will be used to examine them in mock station 1. This station also includes a 4 minute presentation which candidates should prepare in advance to enable the most realistic practice for the real interviews. For detailed information on the course programme please click on the lick for the course flyer below. Lunch is provided on the day.

When and where is the next course?

The last course was held on Friday March 1st 2019 at the clinical sciences centre at University Hospital Aintree. The next course will be scheduled for a similar time in 2020. If you wish to express your interest for the 2020 course please complete the form below.

Feedback from Previous Courses

Previous courses were very well received by candidates, a number of whom went on to gain national training numbers in Cardiology. Some of the feedback comments from candidates are listed below:

“Good Guidance”
“Very good course overall and actually found everything useful”
“The scoring system and tips were quite useful”
“Very Useful and well organized course”
“Bank of questions particularly useful”
“Practical session particularly good”
“Really useful tips and the mock interviews were very helpful”
“This is an excellent course, also efficient. Learnt a lot in half a day, well structured”
“I would recommend”
“I appreciated especially, the hints and tips and the feedback at the end”

“very useful tips, well organised, friendly staff & very structured approach”
“mock, hints and tips useful"
“overall very helpful and useful course, valuable information”
“good interactive sessions”
“good timing and gives us the time to prepare ourselves”
“presentation was very helpful”
“very detailed, practical”
“very good mock interview”

“Excellent course, would definitely recommend others to attend”
“Past few years question bank very useful”
“Had the real feel of an actual interview”
“Guidance for preparation”
“personal assessment good”
“excellent course”
“they took it seriously, was like a real interview”
“very good thanks”
“liked past questions”
“great to do interview with individual feedback”
“good structure and examples”
“very useful”
“mock interview was very useful for practice”
“very good/putting candidate under pressure as in real life”
“definitely very valuable course & recommend holding it more than once a year”
“excellent course”
“friendly and constructive feedback”
“excellent learning experience”

For a more detailed overview of the feedback from the last course please click on the link below:

Cardiology ST3 Interview Preparation Course